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by Marc-Antoine Barrois and Quentin Bisch


Simple. Solar. Smiling. It's the scent of a summer that lasts forever. Of vacations that go on and on. Long lunches with friends, in the countryside, around a large wooden table. Flowers that never stop blooming. 

The scent of happy days, like the dream of sunny vacations that last forever.

Tilia is the first of a constellation of floral fragrances, and for its creator, Marc-Antoine Barrois and his longtime creative accomplice, the perfumer Quentin Bisch, it's also the name of an imaginary star. The one who watches over happy days. An ode to simplicity and optimism. 
The tender greenness, pollen and honey of the blossom linden with its beautiful heart-shaped leaves, the Celtic emblem of gentleness and flexibility. Honeyed apricot inflections of broom. Powdery tenderness of heliotrope. A bucolic bouquet enriched with a velvety touch of Jasmine Sambac.
Linden, Broom, Jasmine, Vetiver, Heliotrope, Woody Accord, Ambroxan.

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"A game on contrasts... my creations respond to each other." 

MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS fragrances were born of the encounter between couturier - artistic director Marc-Antoine Barrois and perfumer Quentin Bisch. Since 2016, their creative complicity has given birth to fragrances, each with a unique and memorable signature. Just like the clothes and jewelry he designs, Marc-Antoine Barrois is determined to make his fragrances a range of exceptional products that combine creativity and quality with respect for the health of his customers and a world with a fragile ecosystem. 
"We are convinced that the luxury of tomorrow means sustainability and timelessness." 
Maison MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS is committed to offering perfumes, accessories and clothing that are 100% made in France. In addition to the craftsmanship and aesthetics of our products, the Maison MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS is above all a conscious consumer. Concerned about our environmental impact, we pursue this same commitment by making responsible choices on a daily basis. 

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