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Francesca Bianchi Perfumes
Etruscan Water
Extrait de Parfum 30 ml


Accords: chypre, citrusy, spicy, powdery

Mood: classic, seductive, exciting, refreshing


In the South of Tuscany, you are approaching an enchanting bay by walking through the most beautiful and intoxicating Mediterranean vegetation. Your skin is warmed up by the heat of the Southern sun, yet you are invigorated by the salty and refreshing smell coming from the sea.



Bergamot, green tangerine, grapefruit, petit-grain, basil, carvi, immortelle, jasmin, iris root, musk, ambergris, labdanum, vetiver, oakmoss


This is an Extrait de Parfum, so use sparingly as the concentration is 25%. It has a great longevity (an average of 12h). 


The Making of Etruscan Water 
The inspiration for Etruscan Water comes from two different sources. The first one is my personal memory: being born and raised in Tuscany, we could go to the beach in the South of the region, where hundreds of years ago our forefathers, the Etruscans, used to live. 
In order to access to the most stunning, well hidden small bays, and offering the most transparent water, there was a 30 minutes walk through the woods. 
These woods are full of wonders! The smell of typical Mediterranean vegetation is charming and, if you are lucky (or unfortunate…) you could bump into a wild boar – or even some remains of the Etruscan civilisation. 
The salty, refreshing smell of the sea soothes you from the heat of the sun that is warming up your skin. 
The second source of inspiration is my personal research on masterpieces of perfumery, as I have recently been intrigued by the classical masculine citrusy cologne – not the light ones, but those with a strong character. 
This is the first release of the line FREEFALL, opening to new directions in my work. 
Chester Gibs’ interpretation 
“The time bomb 
Of your life has come 
People may come, people may go 
Just as long as the water’s slow 
But watch out when you’re 
Headed for the waterfall 
Dry land is just a love away 
Warm sun and a place to lay 
I see your future 
The water above you calm and clear 
People may come, people may go 
Just as long as the water’s slow 
But watch out when you’re 
Headed for the waterfall“ 
Etruscan Water by Francesca Bianchi reminds me of many of my first ‘masculine ‘ perfumes that I bought as a teenager Ikebana by Silvia Barucci inspired to Etruscan Water Perfume by Francesca Bianchi and those perfumes were for me the beginning of dipping into new waters: adulthood, love, sex, romance, adventure. 
I have always liked dressing up – and in this drawing that I made while wearing and sniffing Etruscan Water, I portrayed the younger me, unrobing himself as he gets ready to step into new unknown waters. 
This is a beautiful Ikebana that Silvia Barucci created to represent my Etruscan Water. 
I love the combination of flowers, white and green ones, the transparent vase, the flower in the water, and the beautiful background of stones, recalling the Etruscan tombs, and also somehow the salty part of the perfume. 

Etruscan Water 30 ml | Francesca Bianchi

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