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MASQUE Milano 
Eau de Parfum 35 ml 
There are places in the world where all you need to be elegant is a sundress and a large, waxy flower on your ear 
Vaiana is inspired by a woman on a Polynesian beach, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. As the day ends, the scent of coconut palms, tiaré flowers, and Tahitian gardenia (monoi) fills the air. Vaiana feels the warmth of the sun on her skin, cooled by the gentle ocean breeze as she sips a tropical fruit and lime cocktail. The fragrance of sunscreen mingles with the salty sea air, and the breeze carries the sweet aroma of tiaré flowers and lush vegetation. 
Vaiana embraces life, surrounded by nature and the open air, always on the move. Her wet, tousled hair reflects her carefree attitude. She values comfort and ease over perfection. She enjoys the company of friends, experimenting with ethnic cuisines, and exploring new music. Open to cultural influences, Vaiana is sensitive to the world around her. 
Her elegance is effortless and innate, not rehearsed or forced. Vaiana embodies a carefree elegance, a natural grace that comes from within. The Tiaré flower, the national emblem of French Polynesia, is worn by Polynesians on the ear daily. Wearing it on the right side signifies being single and searching for love. 
The tiaré is also used to produce monoi, a traditional scented oil for cosmetic and ritual purposes. Monoi is precious to Polynesians, playing an important role in ceremonies and beauty treatments. 
Le Donne di MASQUE 
Interpreted by Mackenzie Reilly 
Fragance Family: Fruity Floral 
Head Notes 
Bergamot, Neroli Oil Tunisia, Tropical Fruits 
Heart Notes 
Tiare Flower, Jasmin Sambac, Tuberose India 
Base Notes 
Sandalwood, Vanilla Bean Extract CO2, Solar Musks 

Vaiana 35 ml | MASQUE Milano

Artikelnummer: 8055118032261

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