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Astrophil and Stella Shanghai 1930 BG
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Astrophil & Stella

Astrophil is a proud, determined and dreamy mortal. Stella an elusive, beautiful and lively deity. From their meeting comes the love that binds earth and the heavens in an embrace made of perfume and enchantment.
It happens that the stars fall from the sky, called down by the mortals’ cry. Stella falls to the same fate, a small light reaching Earth at a staggering rate. Once on the ground, she finds something that transcends light and sound: her heart to Astrophil’s perfume has been bound.
On a night of comets and desire, Astrophil saw a star fall from the sky. He went searching for it far an d wide, until he found it in the pines nearby. From the petals of light, a girl of dazzling beauty caught his eye. In the air, only Stella’s perfume, causing Astrophil to sigh.
Sweet Pulp, 8 Days a Week, A Night at the Opera, Amberlievable, Into the Oud, Love is Lost, Madame M, Mellow Yellow, Moonage Daydream, Nabati, Paris Cheri, The Iris Way