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Teo Cabanel 
OHA Premium 
Eau de Parfum 100 ml 
Oha is timeless, it is the ultimate touch of elegance to your outfit or your make-up. It is this kind of signature perfume you'll never get tired of... Oha starts on fresh notes of bergamot and coriander combined with tea aroma. It the develops towards a heart composed of roses, jasmine and cardamone. Its trail, typical of the most beautiful chypre perfumes, blends patchouli, oak moss, vanilla, tonka bean, iris and white musks. Sensual and addictive, Oha takes over your senses. It is a true style statement. 
Combine to varieties of Rose (Damascena and Centifolia). Using for each one, both the essential oil and the absolute for more richness, nuance, and longevity. 
Exploring one of the most iconic genres of perfumery. Introducing a unique chypre, an iconic fragrance with the perfect balance: neither too green nor too powdery. 
Olfactory Profile 
Oha starts on fresh notes of bergamot from Calabria and of coriander combined with a tea accord. The perfume then develops towards a more floral heart composed of roses from Bulgaria and Morocco, jasmine from Egypt and spiced by the sharpness of cardamom from Guatemala. The perfume has real character ! The classic chypré accord blending patchouli and oak moss mellows down with the addition of vanilla, tonka bean, iris and white musk notes. 
Top Notes 
Bergamot, Tea Aroma 
Middle Notes 
Roses, Jasmine, Cardamom 
Base Notes 
Tonka Bean, Patchouli, White Musk 
There are two species of roses used in perfumery: Damascena Rose and Centifolia Rose. In Oha, we use both varieties. Our Damascena Rose comes from Bulgaria, and our Centifolia Rose is sourced from Morocco. The Damascena Rose has a floral scent with fruity and slightly lemony and acidic undertones. It is fresh in the top notes. The Centifolia Rose, on the other hand, is more honeyed, round, warm, and slightly waxy. It takes about 4 tons of rose petals to produce 1 kg of essential oil. The Rose has the unique characteristic of needing to be harvested very early in the day, before the first rays of the sun, to preserve its olfactive properties. All of these characteristics make it one of the most noble raw materials of the perfumery industry. 
Patchouli is one of the key ingredients of chypre fragrances. It is a tropical plant cultivated in Indonesia, characterized by long, hairy, and sturdy stems that can reach up to 1 meter height. Its fragrant, velvety leaves look like mint. The fresh plant has almost no scent, and it's only after drying the leaves in the sun and distillation that its fragrance is revealed. Patchouli offers powerful, earthy, and damp notes, along with an airy, camphoraceous freshness. Its scent can evoke the smell of a wine cork or an overripe apple. 
Clean & Vegan, Organic Wheat Alcohol, Recyclable Packaging and Made in France. 

OHA Premium 100 ml | Teo Cabanel

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