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La Rhapsodie Noire 
Eau de Parfum 100 ml 


"One night, I was crossing the Pont-Neuf listening to "Rhapsody in Blue". Suddenly, my imagination was fuelled by images and sensations of the "City of Light" in the 1920s. I decided to create a nocturnal, vibrant fragrance dedicated to Paris of Les Années Folles." Pissara Umavijani 


Olfactive Notes 
In the opening, 
tonifying, energetic notes of Coffee and Rum, 
along with Cigar nuances 
evoke the atmosphere of the 1920s Parisian cafés. 


At the heart, 
Clary Sage and French Lavender 
provide fougère-like aromatic freshness, 
seamlessly leading to a suave floral blend 
(Mimosa, Broom, Jasmine Sambac). 


In the base, 
earthy ingredients (Patchouli, Oakmoss, Oakwood, Vetiver) 
support the composition, 
while the gourmand vibe is reinforced 
by Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, and Madagascar Vanilla. 


Right there and then, I decided to create a fragrance dedicated to Paris of “Les Années Folles”, a time of extraordinary energy and creativity. A nocturnal, vibrant scent reflecting timeless elegance, pulsating vitality, and artistic freedom, through a combination of rum coffee, sophisticated florals, and sweetly-toned earthy notes. A variation of the classic fougère theme, enriched with gourmand tones. As a nod to the music and the night that inspired me, I named it LA RHAPSODIE NOIRE. 


“A creative variation of the classic fougère theme, with the emphasis placed on an elegantly gourmand vibe of coffee, rum, burnt sugar, tonka bean, and vanilla.” 
- Pissara Umavijani, Founder and Perfumer. 


The Atmosphere 
"Sipping coffee with rum at a Parisian night club of the 1920s, watching French and American performers alternate on stage." 


The Poetry 
I am dancing to love 
in the subconscious 
of every human being. 
-Montri Umavijani 

La Rhapsodie Noire 100 ml | DUSITA

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