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Les Parfums de VIOLET (Maison VIOLET) 

Cycle 002 

Eau de Parfum 100 ml 


Cycle 002, Scent From The Future 


This edition is limited to 2000 decorated bottles


Radiant as a summer sun, bergamot gleams proudly atop CYCLE 002.Its black pepper, akin to a dry whirlwind, carries the spicy intensity ofvast desert expanses within its vortex. Within this olfactory panorama,chili and clove tenderly measure each other. Their union begets adelicate equilibrium, a dance between tension and comfort. 


The essence of cumin introduces an earthy note, a distant envoy from a far greener realm. 


With CYCLE 002, incense transforms into warm, incisive resin. Here,there's no mysticism, no prayer, no offering. The sole deity is the desert itself, potent, absolute, and unyielding. 


Top notes 

Bergamot, Mandarin, Lemon, Bitter orange 

Heart notes 

Black Pepper, Elemi, Chilli, Cloves, Cumin 

Base notes 

Cedar, Guaiac Wood, Labdanum, Peru Balm (Peruvian Balsam), Incense 


CYCLE 002 is the emissary of a distant and unknown world, the fragrance of a fantasized future. With the help of Nathalie Lorson, VIOLET depicts, this time, the incandescence of nature. From the simmering resinous woods to scorching sands and fiery spices, this new creation sparks the imagination, shattering conventional norms. Its message is strikingly simple: let us do everything in our power to ensure that the perfume from this haunting desert remains forever an ethereal dream. 


CYCLE 002 embodies a flamboyant uniqueness. It extends a genuine invitation to conquer the future, softly murmuring that you are its harbinger. 


To bring CYCLE 002 to life, we collaborated with Bleg, an artist from Lyon known for his masterful use of Posca markers to create clean and elegant compositions. His style, a harmonious blend of abstraction and minimalism, transports viewers and encourages their imaginations to wander along his lines. Bleg grants each individual the power to interpret his work freely, inviting us all to wear the artist's cap and explore the depths of creativity. It is this stimulation of the imagination that we sought to provoke through this new fragrance. We have designated the year 2023 as the year of imagination. The kind that fuels ambition and the determination to act. The kind that enables us to overcome obstacles and venture beyond reason. The kind that invents, shapes, and creates. 


Today, CYCLE 002 is an invitation to anticipate, predict, and reinvent. With these labyrinths, Bleg paints a future where anything is possible. All that's needed is to embrace it. 


CYCLE 002 is part of our eco-designed CYCLE range. Its bottle is refillable, and its secondary packaging is made from 100% recycled paper, without plastic and uncellophaned. The cap is crafted with an aluminum coating, a material chosen for its durability over time, along with an insert made from recycled Surlyn. 

Cycle 002 100 ml | VIOLET

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