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Teo Cabanel 


Eau de Parfum 30 ml 


Olfactory portrait 

Café Cabanel opens on a velvety note of coffee, softened by lemon, mandarine and a hint of cinnamon. It then evolves towards a rich heart composed of buttery, milky and almond notes lightly associated with a Bulgarian rose and heliotrope chord. Its trail then reveals the voluptuousness of vanilla and tonka bean blended with sandalwood and white musks. An addictive blend, highlighted with a touch of patchouli. 


Scented Moment 

Sitting at a table in a café, she is looking at the excitement of the street. An espresso, s’il vous plaît ! The waiter brings a cup of captivating aroma. Time flies. She sees her reflection in the mirrors which decorate the room. A little bit of lipstick... A few drops of perfume... Her two essentials. She lifts the cup to her lips for the last time. She will leave behind a sensual and singular aura. 


My Inspiration 

"That coffee experience is without doubt one of the highlights of my week! Rarely do I miss the chance to appreciate an espresso sitting on one of those wicker chairs so characteristic of a French café. For this perfume I wanted to blend the scents of such