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by Atelier Des Ors and Marie Salamagne 


A luxurious and sensual Vanilla fragrance with a rich and gourmand trail based on the Tahitian Vanilla.

Lune Feline - Black Collection - RAFINAD 3.jpg


Like a magnetic star, it captures everyone’s attention. It is a symphony of dark and luxurious notes inspired by the moon. The fragrance opens on vibrant accords of warm spices melting with intense and precious woods at its heart. A dark and animalic scent based on vanilla pods and sensual orchid, warmed with balsamic notes and musky accords. These notes convey a rich, gourmand trail. 


"Lune Féline is a sensual gem. Darker and more luxurious, it features a Tahitian Vanilla, known as white vanilla. It is rarer than the black Bourbon vanilla and has a specific floral and creamy addiction." - Marie Salamagne. 


Cinnamon, Cardamon, Pink Pepper 
Cedarwood, Ambergris, Styrax 
Tahitian Vanilla, Peru Balsam, Musk 

Lune Feline - Black Collection - RAFINAD.jpg
Lune Feline Extrait Black Collection - RAFINAD .jpg


by Atelier Materi and Céline Perdriel


Lune Féline Extrait version is blended at 30% concentration

Lune Feline Extrait Black Collection - RAFINAD 3.jpg


Lune Féline Extrait version is blended at 30% concentration for an even more seductive experience. The character of the original fragrance is intact, but enhances all of the features of the much loved fragrance.


Rarer and representing an ultimate luxury, Extraits are more concentrated and intense versions that offer an increased tenfold olfactory experience, and reveal the true soul of the fragrance.

Lune Feline Extrait Black Collection - RAFINAD 4.jpg


Atelier Des Ors is delighted to present its 2023 end-of-year limited edition fragrances,
embodying the essence of exclusivity and a deep-rooted commitment to creativity.

Lune Feline Limited Edition - Black Collection - RAFINAD 3 (1).jpg


The limited editions stand as a vibrant celebration of gold gilding, where 22-carat liquid gold is meticulously applied by skilled hands to each fragrance bottle. This intricate process demands hours of painstaking work, a testimonial to the commitment to perfection.


Yet, beyond the gleaming gold, they pay homage to the exuberant spirit of the Roaring Twenties, an era marked by revelry and joy. Our bottles are graced with an exclusive, one-of-a-kind art deco pattern, encapsulating the essence of this unique period. The art deco aesthetic, with its architectural foundation, is a tribute to stylized and geometric lines and shapes—embracing the purity of lines, precision of forms, exactness of proportions, and the preciousness of details that exemplify exceptional craftsmanship.


Every piece is akin to a genuine masterpiece, a heartfelt homage to the artistry of meticulous handcraft. These refined, painstaking gestures, ceaselessly honed in the presence of a challenging and delicate material—liquid gold—reflect a profound mastery of skill and an intimate connection with the material. In the hands of our craftsmen, excellence is not just an aspiration but a tangible goal. Guided by an unwavering pursuit of beauty and fueled by an unbounded spirit of innovation, their hands bring the dream to life.

Lune Feline Limited Edition - Black Collection - RAFINAD 3 (2).jpg
Atelier Des Ors Jean Philippe Marie Salamagne RAFINAD.jpg


Jean-Philippe developed his own artistic sensibility at an early age. His olfactory curiosity, his taste for exceptional products, his love of the beautiful perfumery of the 20s and 30s have built his approach from the start. If his sources of inspiration are multiple: art, the art of living, the culture of elsewhere because he lived for 10 years in the Middle East and worked there in cigars, all converge on a quest for beauty in the broadest sense, a high level of requirement and the desire to highlight the creative act above all. 
Since the beginning, Marie Salamagne, perfume designer at Dsm-Firmenich, has accompanied Jean Philippe in his creations. A long-term partnership that creates a unique relationship and allows to design a true olfactory identity. 
She was chosen for her talent and her vision of perfume. For her, the perfumer embodies both the craftsman and the artist. She visualizes her creations as paintings, where the shades create contrasts. 
"A good perfume is like Proust's madeleine. It has the power to transport and the emotion it arouses is uncontrollable and powerful. It's an entity in itself." 


The seahorse was chosen for its extreme uniqueness and fascinating aura. Its appearance is hybrid, mysterious and majestic. A fantastic creature in Greek mythology, it is both familiar and foreign, it intrigues and captures our attention. 
The seahorse is also the hallmark of 24k gold in France. A major component of the human brain ("Hyppocampus"), it plays an important role in the memory of colours, smells and emotions. The olfactory memory is the most powerful of all, and also the strangest, like the hippocampus. 
This emblem thus links gold, perfume and memory.

Atelier Des Ors Emblem RAFINAD 2.jpg
Lune Feline - Black Collection - RAFINAD Gold 2.jpg


For the brand, gold symbolises a quest for the absolute. It has always been a subject of fascination. Gold has been used in all civilizations to represent and honor deities. In the same way, perfume was at the origin of perfumery, used by priests to perfume churches and make contact with deities "per fumum" through smoke. Stardust, because gold is said to be of stellar origin, it also brings a sense of eternity to the bottles.


For us, gold is also that precious liquid: perfume, and the exceptional materials that go into it. A mysterious liquid, it is the gold of emotions, appealing to the power of olfactory memory. Its evocative power is infinite…

Lune Feline - Black Collection - RAFINAD Gold.jpg
Lune Feline - Black Collection - RAFINAD 4.jpg


And for an even more exclusive experience, the master gilders magnify the creations and enhance their artistic dimension. The meticulous work of these craftsmen turns the bottles into precious jewels…