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IL Profvmo alchemy

20 years of iconic creations

IL Profvmo, Silvana Casoli, Fragrance, Perfume, Paris, niche perfumery, Italian parfum

«The perfumes I create are more than mere fragrances. I leave a piece of myself in each bottle.
Often intense or discreet, sometimes mischievous and always exclusive, they all embody a facet of my soul», - Silvana Casoli.


Il Profvmo: 20 years of iconic creations: Chocolat, Aria di Mare, Ambre d’Or, Fleur de Bambu…and more, all iconic creations that forged the unique and free spirited identity of Il Profvmo over two decades. A look back on 20 years of olfactory brilliance.

The alchemy of emotions born in the family garden. A workshop set in a stone village, a laboratory of scents where the air is adrift with precious elixirs, rare bouquets and refined raw materials. In the midst of this aromatic whirlwind reigns Silvana Casoli, a fragrance expert not by choice, but by calling. It is here that, like, an alchemist, she creates her first masterpiece, Chocolat.

She grew up in the generous and sun-drenched Italian countryside where the whiffs of olive trees are mixed with fragrant fruits and sweet-scented flowers. This olfactory theater served as a backdrop to his creations before being enriched during her travels, Morocco, Peru, China, Saint-Tropez ... distant places that form a kaleidoscope of scents.

Elusive, defying classification and eclectic, Il Profvmo fragrances have seduced the Pope, Madonna and even Sting. Twenty years of impulsive and generous creativity, a life dedicated to awakening the senses.


1997 – Chocolat
In the beginning there was chocolate, a childhood pleasure and a source of comfort. A few years later, the same memory of flavors will give rise to the most emblematic creation of Il Profvmo: Chocolat, the keystone of the brand. An olfactory coming out, a real revelation. Years for research and experiments led to a worldwide recognition of an extraordinary gift, from Paris to Tokyo, passing through New York. A sparkling top note of mandarin, a warm and rich heart of cocoa, a spicy nutmeg finale. The legend of Il Profvmo was born...

2004 – Aria di Mare
Light, sun-drenched, iodized, ... this is Aria di Mare, undoubtedly one of the most refined compositions of the creator. Harking back to a memory of a summer, a walk on the beach, a sea breeze leaving a tinge of salt on the sun-scented skin. A burst of sensations, striking for its purity and elegance. The delicacy of a tiare flower, an invigorating sea heart note, the powdery softness of a veil of musk... The olfactory prowess of Il Profvmo reaches its peak.

2011 – Fleur de Bambù
A fresh and delicate breeze blows through a bamboo forest. The green and woody shoots gently sway,releasing their refined and aquatic aromas. With Fleur de Bambù, Il Profvmo composed an ode to Asian purity. A top note of tea blossoms creates a refined foundation that gently gives way to the elegant and aquatic bamboo heart. A flowery and almond note of lotus flower rouses out this aerial and delicate fragrance. A tribute to the best raw materials of perfumery.

A tribute to the best raw materials

IL Profvmo, Silvana Casoli, Fragrance, Perfume, Paris, niche perfumery, italian parfum, Fleur de Cerisier

Il Profvmo uses natural and wild raw materials, mixed together to create elegant and refined compositions. The range of scents emphasis the Italian art of perfumery, the Shakespearean passion, the hippy provocation, the power of nature, the gourmand addiction.

The raw materials are chosen using the noblest parts of plants and flowers to create intriguing blends that turn into a pleasant obsession. In each fragrance the main note is cut like a gem to obtain a shining, luminous and round effect. Simply unique.

Il Profvmo garden welcomes the most precious flowers like the Florentine iris, extremely rare and known to perfumers as the blue gold. It is one of the most sought after materials in the world: it takes 3 years to obtain the precious essence of this flower.

From the depths of the Australian forests comes the black carnation, intense, unusual and original, with dark and hypnotic beauty.

And what about the legendary rose of Suriname and the blue poppy of Tibet, soft and dreamy, which blooms at 2000 meters above sea level?

Spicy and surprising ginger, endowed with strength, character and power, could not fail to be celebrated by Il Profvmo: a flower-spice with magical and aphrodisiac virtues, whose essential oil is obtained by distillation with the steam of its roots. The result is a fresh, lemonade, spicy smell.

And the sweet vanilla from Madagascar cannot be missing, celebrated in its numerous facets: a round and delicious sweetness that creates addiction.

Toxic, daring, forbidden: cannabis is an intriguing and unusual raw material that Il Profvmo could not miss. An unusual theme for perfumers, due to its controversial reputation.

And then the bamboo and its flower, the purity of Asia: green, aquatic and fresh notes that evoke a fresh and delicate breeze.

The mandarin from the Mediterranean, unique in intensity and freshness, whose essential oil is obtained by cold pressing the peel: a solar fruit with an unique scent.

And also the juniper berries, the dark blue fruits of the plant, a shrub that grows in Corsica and Eastern Europe whose very aromatic essence is also used to make gin.

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