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Icelandic artisan Andrea Maack

About Andrea Maack

Andrea Maack Iceland Eau de Parfum niche

Icelandic visual artist and entrepreneur Andrea Maack breaks the boundaries between art, fashion, and beauty. Her work as an artist stems from an internal drive to create innovative, multi-sensory experiences. Starting with a blank page, her process is one of tapping into new visions waiting to be born within her, abstract images in her mind’s eye.


Her background and general passion for fashion and beauty became apparent when she started her art career, where she quickly became known for her romantic minimalistic installations showing the world of beauty and fashion through the eyes of a visual artist. Her first-ever perfume creation was revealed at an independent gallery show in 2008, where she mimicked a perfume launch, handing out strips of her original artwork with a fragrance titled smart (smell art) to the guests, since then she has held over a dozen gallery and museum shows worldwide.


Maack was born and raised in Iceland and moved to London in her early twenties, where she worked in the fashion industry. She graduated from the Iceland Academy of the arts in 2005 with a degree in fine art. Since then, she has held over a dozen gallery and museum shows worldwide. Her work has appeared in the international art and fashion media from Artnet and frieze to another and French vogue. Her eponymous fragrance brand was born in 2010 through a series of art exhibitions, where she set out to answer the question: how do you turn a drawing into a fragrance?

ANDREA MAACK is a luxury fragrance brand founded by Icelandic visual artist Andrea Maack. All the fragrances in the collection have been developed with a unique artistic approach, using the highest quality raw materials and embody elements of Maack's travels, artistic explorations, and her profound relationship with her native Iceland.

The latest perfume - Lightsource

Andrea Maack Lightsource Eau de Parfum

Lightsource is an ode to 90´s rave culture, an energy boost where the laws of time no longer apply and you start to see things differently, like being in hyper reality, the Technicolor world of your own movie. The pops of colour under the light change your perception of your surroundings and light the way to a brighter tomorrow.

Notes: Lemon, pink pepper, petitgrain, bigarane, black pepper, star jasmine, green fig, crystal rose.

Limited Edition - X ENTRANCE

Andrea Maack X Entrance Eau de Parfum

ENTRANCE X ANDREA MAACK is a collaborative project between Reykjavík based visual artist turned perfumer Andrea Maack and luxury fashion boutique Entrance in Bucharest.

ENTRANCE is pleased to announce a collaboration with Icelandic based artist and perfumer Andrea Maack on a captivating new fragrance that marks the high-fashion boutique’s 10-year anniversary.  Through a working relationship, ANDREA MAACK and ENTRANCE found a common ground in their aesthetics and values, a very “East meet´s North Europe” feel which led to this collaboration project to be launched in November 2019.

Simply titled ANDREA MAACK X ENTRANCE this unisex fragrance has a magnetic noir resonance and a timeless appeal.  A top note of bergamot provides an immediate slightly bitter, smoky sensuality against a heart of spicy yet creamy, Saffron, Nutmeg and sparkling fresh pink berries. All is swathed in a magical veil of vetiver, while a base of vanilla and patchouli anchor the amber notes, a contrast between sweet and spicy, mouth-watering and mysterious.

Notes: Bergamot, pink berries, nutmeg, patchouli, coriander, geranium, amber, vanilla, vetiver, cedarwood.

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