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Andrea Maack 
Eau de Parfum 50 ml 


A rich soil tincture kickstarts Coven. This lush, metallic note seeps into oak-moss and mingles with the verdant greens of galbanum intending to grip you tightly in its spell. Raw with a deep, earthy note that nudges this scent to the top and eventually oozes into oak moss and green grass, the fragrance has a powerful, distinctive and resinous presence. 
The experience:  A walk though wet woodlands 
The surprising contrast: Super Green notes mixed with the sweetness of vanilla 
Fragrance family: Green eau de parfum, concentration of 18% 
Perfumer: Céline Ripert 
Top notes 
Vanilla, Labdanum, Whiskey
Heart notes 
Cedar Wood, Oak Moss
Base notes 
Galbanum, Clove

COVEN 50 ml | Andrea Maack

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