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Rosendo Mateu 
№ 7 Patchouli - Oud - Vanilla
Eau de Parfum 5 ml 


Rosendo Mateu 7 has a very delicate floral top note of rose petals that blend quickly with the middle notes of the fragrance. 

The main note of this creation is the patchouli extracted in the fields of Indonesia, where its leaves are left to dry and later irrigated with water to ferment and distill for long hours. The patchouli used in this fragrance is obtained by a molecular distillation process where is achieved the highest possible quality of this raw material. 

The middle notes are made up of spicy and floral notes such as jasmine that takes on great prominence with animal touches. 

Base notes elements are a blend of high-quality Laos and Thai ouds with vanilla absolute from Madagascar and Benjui from Siam. 

Rosendo Mateu 7 is a very addictive, original and unique creation. Is the result of combining the experience from a Master Perfumer, the innovation from his son and the selection of the best raw materials.

No. 7 Miniature 5 ml | Rosendo Mateu

SKU: 8436603740012


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