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Rosendo Mateu 

№ 4 Saffron - Oud - Vanilla 

Eau de Parfum 5 ml 


Rosendo Mateu 4 is an oud fantasy combination of nutmeg, nuts, saffron, cinnamon and hints of wood, sandalwood and guaiac. 


The eastern intensity is provided by labdanum, benzoin and vanilla with amber notes. 


It’s a sensual, powerful perfume, with a scent which is unmistakably inspired by oud. 


Number 4 from Rosendo Mateu has a simple top note of natural Calabrian bergamot and natural bitter orange blossom. A delicate fragrance which caresses the skin of the wearer. 


The middle note is a spicy floral blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and saffron notes with hints of jasmine petals, nuts and iris rhizomes. 


This scent has an especially relevant background note: most importantly, Oud wood with patchouli, sandalwood, guaiac and vetiver. 


An essential Eastern aspect with labdanum, benzoin, vanilla with ambered notes and Tonka beans plus musk setters, adding an attractive component of sensuality. 


The main feature of this fragrance is its persistence and power, which emphasises its very powerful oud - Eastern background, unmistakable and very elaborated, completely different from existing notes in this style.

No. 4 Miniature 5 ml | Rosendo Mateu

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