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Astrophil and Stella 
Sweet Pulp 
Extrait de Parfum 50 ml 


A Perfume by Miguel Matos 


In a whirlwind of history and myth, a perfume dances between the ancient secrets of the Minoan civilisation and the delights of Mediterranean fruits. Inspired by the vestiges of a distant time, its aroma winds like a golden thread through the fingers of an artist, painting a timeless fresco. The essence of great epochs, intricate labyrinths and wind-whispered mysteries can be felt in the air. Fruity notes rise like the columns of a forgotten temple, while the sweet aroma of orange rises like an offering to the Gods. A gentle song resonates in the atmosphere, evoking the love and fertility of ancient Crete. 
Olfactive Description 
Woven silk threads compose a symphony that resonates in the soul. Explore the lush gardens of the Palace of Knossos, where every step awakens the spirit. The sweetness of ripe figs blends with the intensity of roses, while ambergris and sandalwood reveal age-old secrets. Sweet Pulp is an invitation to plunge into the atmosphere of a distant past, to discover the beauty hidden among legends, and to embrace a bright future. 
Olfactive pyramid: Fruity 


Top notes 
Pear, peach, blood orange, bergamot, petitgrain 
Heart notes 
Fig, rose 
Base notes 
Patchouli, oak moss, vanilla, sandalwood, sugar, ambergris 
Joining Fragrantica in 2013, Miguel Matos quickly became an illuminating presence in the fragrance sphere. Acclaimed for his exquisite, in-depth scent depictions, Miguel possesses a vast knowledge of both contemporary niche and timeless vintage scents. 
Recently, his ventures expanded to curating innovative scent art exhibitions and delving into personal perfume formulations. His debut blend, "Jungle Jezebel" by Sarah Baker Perfumes, seamlessly interweaves divergent scent motifs, challenging perceptions of duality. Following this, he collaborated with the renowned Turkish brand Nishane, resulting in a unique scent fusion. He then introduced several captivating fragrances through his brand, Miguel Matos Perfumes. 
As a distinguished writer, editor, and artisanal perfumer, Matos's brilliance has been acknowledged by industry elites and exemplified by winning the Art and Olfaction Awards twice.

Sweet Pulp 50 ml | Astrophil and Stella

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