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Rosendo Mateu 
No. 1 Bergamot - Tea Leaf - Sandalwood 
Eau de Parfum 100 ml 
Rosendo Mateu 1 is reminiscent of spring, with a strong presence of Mediterranean freshness; the characteristic scent of the coast of Spain, Italy, or Greece. The sum of citrus, jasmine, spicy green pepper, cardamom, and tea flower, gives the unisex fragrance a distinct fresh, and strong presence on the skin that will surprise fans of subtle scents.
The top note is inspired by the freshness of the Mediterranean, the feeling of fresh spring air that takes you to the beginning of summer: the sea breeze, with the characteristic landscapes of the coasts of Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Greece. All are complemented by aromatic aspects, rosemary flowers, thyme, lavender, and sage. The notes of citrus peel, such as bergamot from Calabria in southern Italy, lime from Spain, or Sicilian green mandarin also play an important part.
The middle notes and the body, the heart of the fragrance, are based on soft white flower effects such as jasmine, muguet, bitter orange blossom, or neroli. These are combined with spicy notes and stimulants such as green pepper, cardamom, and especially the smell of the tea flower with its leaves which blend perfectly with bergamot and woody, smoky notes, giving the fragrance its lingering scent. 
The base notes have been worked with care not to neutralize on the skin, the freshness nor the character of its floral note, aromatic green tea. Sandalwood, iris rhizomes, and white musk add the finishing touch to a fresh, dynamic, and daring perfume.

No. 1 Bergamot - Tea Leaf - Sandalwood 100 ml | Rosendo Mateu

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