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Les Parfums de Rosine 
Ballerina № 5 
Eau de Parfum 100 ml 


Exotic and mysterious, Bayadere word is designating a sacred Hindu dancer and is taking us to faraway India. This rare word is coming from the verb « ballar », meaning dance in Portuguese, evocating the whole world of dance… ball, ballet, ballerina… 


Sumptuously dressed in pink gauze brocaded in gold, the Bayadere is oriental, suggesting a world of beauty, harmony, sweetness. She is beautiful and seductive, with the harmonious movements of her captivating dance. 

THE BAYADERE ballet, created by Marius Petitpa is extraordinarily rich, bursting with colors and where gold is omnipresent. Of course, the love affair lies in India, and we imagine this mysterious country, whose smell can be « infinitely sweet » as Pier Paolo Pasolini wrote. 


It seemed appropriate to continue this collection with a perfume offering the same characteristics as the previous ones: each BALLERINA perfume is offering a modern rose accord, dressed with a fruity note and evolving to lingering woods. 


It is, therefore, a shimmering and rich fragrance, like gold and vibrant with a thousand colors that Delphine Lebeau is offering us. We enshrined it in a silky matte gold bottle, decorated with a golden organza tutu. 


Then for BALLERINA N°5, the rose is treated with “ infinitely gourmand” accords: we are dreaming of candied roses, rose petal jellies, crystallized flowers… 


The fragrance opens on a fresh rose petals note, like a rose jelly and this impression is deliciously transcribed by an essential rose. This sweet and fresh sensation is accentuated by candied tangerine zests and Indian fig. The richness is already there thanks to a magnificent natural orange blossom absolute from Tunisia. 


The crystallized violet petals, the lychee, and the almond blossoms come to dress the Turkish rose essence. The heliotrope announces a powdery note, infinitely elegant, and evokes the icing sugar with its fresh contact, before melting into the suave and the voluptuous. 


The natural Turkish rose absolute marks an oriental base note, balmed with benzoin tears and honeyed with tonka bean absolute. Powerful and long-lasting qualities are given by a beautiful Indonesian patchouli essence and by warm and dry woods such as cedarwood and appealing gaïac wood. 


An infinitely suave perfume, undeniably elegant and desirable. 


Top notes 
Tangerine, Indian fig, orange blossom, rose 

Heart notes 

Crystallized violet, lychee, almond blossom, heliotrope, Turkish rose essence 

Base notes 
Patchouli, cedarwood, Gaïac wood, benzoin, tonka bean, Turkish rose absolute

Ballerina No. 5 100 ml | Les Parfums de Rosine

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