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The world of Les Parfums de Rosine

Marie-Hélène Rogeon passion


The two main passions of Marie-Hélène Rogeon are perfumes and… roses. They are all so different; shy or proud, voluptuous, or tender, with multiple shapes and colors, and the infinite variety of perfumes.

Marie-Hélène Rogeon was born into a family of perfume makers and her great-grandfather Louis Panafieu was creating Eau de Cologne for Emperor Napoleon III and a famous Pommade des Mousquetaires for his lacquer-like finish mustaches.

Very early, she has been fascinated by this world of exquisite bottles, fragrances, flowery labels, and silk braid trimmings.

In the great houses of perfume where she leads her carrier, she realizes the place of perfume in her life. This rich experience drove her to the creation of her own company, Les Parfums de Rosine, at a period when it was the start for women to get tired of commercial perfumery and to look for real creations and perfumes telling real stories.

The main concern of Marie-Hélène Rogeon is to propose beautiful creations, all based on natural essences, and which are immediately understandable and readable. Every component can be recognized all along with the evolution of the perfume on the skin. She is also very careful about the presentation. All the bottles are nicely wrapped in colored tissue paper before being place in the folding boxes and the bottle wears a silky tassel.

The Ballerina collection


The Ballerina is this lovely rose bush in Marie-Hélène Rogeon’s garden which gave its name to a perfume collection asserting at Les Parfums de Rosine house the idea of a perfumery very «à la française», very feminine, delicious, and affordable. Ballerina roses whose small flowers evoke a ballet of young dancers.

The first in the saga, Ballerina №1, a tender and innocent fragrance, is illustrating “le petit rat d’opera”. A rose and peach accord on a milky base, for a sweet and sophisticated fragrance.

Then Ballerina №2 is magnifying the prima donna in her art, with a wide and assertive perfume. A rose and magnolia accord on a woody base, for a fragrance with a strong signature

Then two creations inspired by the famous ballet Swan Lake completed the collection: Ballerina №3 for the black swan, mysterious with its double facets of rose and oud. A rose and precious woods accord, for a powerful and voluptuous fragrance.

Ballerina №4 for the white swan, a luminous, deep, and pure perfume of white flowers. A bright and luminous fragrance based on a white flowers accord.

The latest addition to collection dedicated to the ballet the Bayadere is giving the tuning of Ballerina №5. Then for Ballerina N°5, the rose is treated with “infinitely gourmand” accords: we are dreaming of candied roses, rose petal jellies, crystallized flowers…

The fragrance opens on a fresh rose petal note, like a rose jelly and this impression is deliciously transcribed by an essential rose. This sweet and fresh sensation is accentuated by candied tangerine zests and Indian fig. The richness is already there thanks to a magnificent natural orange blossom absolute from Tunisia.

The crystallized violet petals, the lychee and the almond blossoms come to dress the Turkish rose essence. The heliotrope announces a powdery note, infinitely elegant, and evokes the icing sugar with its fresh contact, before melting into the suave and the voluptuous.

Les Extravagants

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Honoring brand origins, and in response to demand from a new, younger clientele of both ladies and gentlemen, Les Parfums de Rosine has created a new range: Les Extravagants.

First contact with the range comes through the very modern packaging although anchored in Art Decorative history expressing the designer’s desire for the range to appeal to both sexes: shades melting from black to grey work elegantly around an Art Deco graphic set in a shiny black gadrooned case.

Highlighted with fine gold and illuminated with a colorful lozenge, the box exudes both strength and beautiful balance.

These deep and assertive colors compliment perfectly our four new perfumes for a truly harmonious result. The luminous, glossy flacons add the ultimate touch of luxury. According to traditional Decorative Arts’ style, the shiny black metal cap is gadrooned.

Creating the range of four ‘extravagant’ perfumes is the culmination of simple, yet daring, initiative and will: rely on the olfactory characteristics of the natural scent of roses and push them to the extreme to offer an unbounded, honest and comprehensive olfactory experience.

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