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Voyages Imaginaires Parfums 
Eau de Parfum 75 ml 


In the garden of the Gods, at the edge of the world, embark upon a search for hidden treasure. Lose yourself amongst the intoxicating scents of the mysterious vegetation: enchanting flowers, fragrant woods, mystical plants, exalted by the heat of a divine sun. 


And finally discover, in the heart of a spring, a precious liquid of amber hues: the elixir of immortality. 


The Ça Fleure Bon - Best of Scent 2022 award.


On the skin... a burning and mysterious potion. Illuminated with bergamot, immortelle - in Latin helicrysum, "golden sun" - blows the power of its vital energy. 


A torrid vibration, a debauchery of lascivious resins and voluptuous balms exalts it. Amyris, benzoin, vanilla, tonka bean and labdanum intertwine in an amber creation with notes of chocolate. An addiction... so divine.