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Maison Violet story

The perfume house

Maison Violet Pefumes Parfum Fragrance

In 1827, the Violet perfumery was founded by Mr. Violet in Paris. The company held several cosmetics patents and received many awards. The bee, symbol of the Empress, was affixed on each bottle after Violet officially became a supplier of the Empress Eugenie and Queen Isabella II of Spain in 1842. Afterwards, the shop was named "To the Queen of bees - Violet House" to establish its legitimacy in 1858.


At Louis Claye's passed away. At that time, Violet was one of the largest French perfume houses and traded on the French stock market. Once Aaron-Marc Rehns was appointed head of the company in 1885, it began an expansion to other countries including the United-States under the name of Veolay.


However, world wars and global financial crisis weakened the perfume house. Violet eventually closed its doors around 1955.


In 2017, three young men from Paris decided to bring the company back to life. Anthony Toulemonde, Victorien Sirot, and Paul Richardot expressed themselves by modernizing the classic with quality raw material and big ambitions.

Sketch, 1900

Maison Violet Pefumes Parfum Fragrance Sketch

Perfumery grew and became emancipated in this period at the crossroads of possibilities. The progress of chemistry, the improvement of new processes and the appearance of prodigious innovations allowed the 20th century to be limited only by its imagination. And Violet offered Sketch, witness to the start of that time and illustration of the affinity between chemistry and perfumery. Sketch becomes the perfume of history.

Tanagra, 1922

Maison Violet Pefumes Parfum Fragrance Tanagra

Auspicious for sculptural art, this period has met many renowned artists such as René Lalique, Lucien Gaillard and Auguste Rodin. Closely linked to the history of the House, their friendship with Violet inspired the house to present a perfume visually illustrating the textured aesthetic of women. Tanagra is the wake of inspiring beauty.

Pourpre d'Automne, 1923

Maison Violet Pefumes Parfum Fragrance Pourpre d'Automne

A wind of poetry intruded on the vigour of this bubbling period, humming enchanting and liberating lullabies. VioletIn the heart of his perfumery workshop, he listened and whispers of his century translated Purple of Autumn. A perfume crossed by the lyricism of its time, its chypre ornaments and its figurative fruits. Pourpre d'Automne is none other than the scent of poetic melancholy.

Un Air d'Apogée, 1932

Maison Violet Pefumes Parfum Fragrance Un Air d'Apogee

Caught in the exhilaration of the roaring late twenties and its quivering atmosphere, Violet portrayed this contrasting era in a scent accented by restless nights. Un Air d'Apogée is an invitation to enjoy the essentials of what life has to offer. A scent of audacity.

Nuée Bleue, 1955

Maison Violet Pefumes Parfum Fragrance Nuee Bleue

In the midst of a period of reconstruction, Violetlike France, was seeking to repair its wounded heritage. Spreading a new message, that of a future gentleness, such was his will. The house expressed itself thanks to Nuée Bleue before falling asleep for over sixty years. A last breath rich in symbolism, Nuée Bleue becomes renewal.

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