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by Atelier Materi and Céline Perdriel


A very modern, elegant and leathery interpretation of patchouli. Here, the perfumer Céline Perdriel highlights its dark and animalistic facets.

AM Cuir Nilam 05.jpg


“Patchouli has shaken off its hippie image and, combined with leather, reveals itself to be sophisticated, sensual and enigmatic. A bold choice that underlines the profound nature of this material.” - Véronique Le Bihan.
Patchouli, a classic perfumery ingredient also known as Nilam in Indonesia, is reinvented in this Haute Couture composition.


The fragrance opens with fresh and sophisticated notes of violet leaves. In its heart, the nobility of rose meets the impertinence of leather. Finally, the patchouli’s depth blends with intoxicating notes of tobacco, creating a sensual trail. 
CUIR NILAM, a patchouli dressed in a leather perfecto with typically Parisian elegance. 
Cardamon, Violet leaf 
Rose, Leather 
Patchouli, Tabacco 

Atelier Materi Cuir Nilam RAFINAD (3).jpg
Atelier Materi, Véronique Le Bihan, RAFINAD
Atelier Materi Cuir Nilam (2).jpg


ATELIER MATERI draws its inspiration from the raw beauty of materials and the meticulous gestures that transform them. 


Certain that the hand of man gives a product its soul, ATELIER MATERI collaborates with artists and craftsmen, from the harvesting of materials to the creation of fragrances, flacons and boxes. It is their expert hands that sculpt, etch and polish, taming every material until its beauty is revealed. 


Developed with a respect for time and crafted from the finest materials, every creation is a minimalist and contemporary statement.


A single natural raw material lies at the heart of each ATELIER MATERI fragrance. Traditional or unexpected, it is selected with care, from the best terroir and with respect for fair trade. 
Placed at the centre of contrasted olfactory combinations and meticulously crafted by the perfumer, the material reveals itself, its nuances, unveiling its most unexpected facets. 
With conviction and independence, ATELIER MATERI offers a minimalist and contemporary olfactory signature, where the raw materials find expression in textured and distinctive compositions. 

Atelier Materi Collection RAFINAD (2).jpg
Cèdre Figalia by Atelier Materi and Céline Perdriel, RAFINAD, Cedre Figalia by Atelier Materi and Celine Perdriel


ATELIER MATERI’s minimal and contemporary aesthetic is rooted in architecture and modernist design, where raw materials reign. 
The union between deep blue and stark minerality, the flacon embodies the House’s aesthetic and its obsession with detail. It bears the ATELIER MATERI hallmark, a tribute to craftsmanship. 
Made of concrete, a mineral material with minimalist beauty, the cap is poured, polished and finished with an antique bronze patina entirely by hand. Each piece bears the marks of its craftsman, making it unique. 
The blue ATELIER MATERI box, crafted with certified FSC paper and gilded with hot foil, showcases every flacon.


Passionate about fragrance, architecture and design, Véronique LE BIHAN envisions these disciplines from the same perspective: the transformation of raw material. It is her inspiration. 


After twelve years in cosmetics and fragrance product development, she decided to create a brand of subtle luxury, one in line with her ethical, social and environmental values. 

With these principles at its heart, she founded ATELIER MATERI. 

“Guided by the quest for a rigorously precise aesthetic, I want to offer a fragrance that is a reflection of who I am. Emotional and distinctive, my creations are imagined around raw materials and those who transform them.”

Atelier Materi, Véronique Le Bihan, RAFINAD
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