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RAFINAD Parfumerie, perfumery, perfume, fragrance

RAFINAD Parfumerie lets the art of perfume composition shine. The perfumery takes place in an amazing environment and is located in the historical town center of Marienbad.

The process of fragrance creation takes deep understanding, creativity, expressivity, and soul. It is a relationship with the artist and knowledge of raw ingredients. Bringing materials together to tell a story. Our perfumery is passionate about telling those fragrant stories and helping to discover the world of niche perfumers. Each of them has its own story. Each of them is different. At the same time, all of them have a deep passion to create their own perfect masterpieces.

There is a story behind every fragrance and niche perfumer have a strong connection with their scents. They create their vision of the perfect scent that is bound to their memory and their life. 

We gather some of these stories for you to bring light to unknown perfume creations and want to show you hidden gems of perfumery. 

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