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Maison VIOLET Parfums Paris
Eau de Parfum 9 ml Miniature

Revealing the invisible, evocative of the unspeakable, it is the caress of a compliment, the interpreter of a palpable aura. It defends the singular beauty, the one that is grasped when one feels more than one observes. Orchestra of attraction, ode to sweetness, it exacerbates any form of femininity. It is a pastel glow piercing the opaline veil of the clouds. If beauty has the advantage of being memorable, its perfume has the elegance of being unforgettable. Tanagra, subtle expression of eternal delicacy.

Tanagra is a perfume woven directly onto the skin. A powdery silk fabric marrying the most subtle lines, a musky cashmere caressing the sweetest curves. The body then becomes a haunting dance where every movement exalts this invisible envelope. Its wake, delicately floral, is sublimated by the beauty of the rose, the purity of the freesia and the grace of the iris.

A cult dedicated to beauty. The one that burns in each of us. This perfume refers to the magnificence that drives us. And if beauty exists only in diversity, its fragrance can boast of being unique.

Tanagra is a hymn to the invisible.

«Tanagra is the sublime in each of Violet»

In the realm of aesthetics, Tanagra is a sovereign tribute to beauty. The iris, Highness among the queens, skims the skin with its powdery notes. Musks, sentinels of the impalpable, stretch out the rigid cedar. The cashmeran draws it’s the best bow to the rose. As for the freesia, serene flower with mysterious accents, it is in charge of transforming history into legend.

Top notes
Tangerine, pear, freesia
Heart notes
Peony, iris, jasmine
Base notes
Cedar, vetiver, musk

Tanagra 9 ml | VIOLET

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