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Sora Dora 
Kamel Oud 
Extrait de Parfum 50 ml
Kamel is the initiate. In the past, he was the friend who entrusted Antoine with all the secrets of the oriental olfactory universe, as well as those of its innumerable riches - full and powerful. Kamel Oud was born of this precious knowledge. Like charisma in a bottle, this elegant fragrance interprets a melody of subtle, refined aromas. With its emphasis on Far Eastern scents, it delivers a generous, gourmand result. Its blend of undertones, imbued with incense, oud wood and red fruits, promises a unique dynamic. It will magnify your next 1001 days and 1001 nights. Be prepared. To all your oriental desires.
This fragrance was conceived as a tribute. Thank you, Kamel. 


Perfumers: Amélie Bourgeois, Anne-Sophie Behaghel and Camille Chemardin. 


The Universelle Collection. 



Italian Bergamot, Berry, Roses Co2, Aldehyde, Alémi, Cardamom, Cumin, Rose, Raspberry, Saffron, Labdanum, Laos Oud Wood, Cade Wood, Papyrus Wood, Atlas Cedar, Gaiac Wood.

Kamel Oud 50 ml | Sora Dora

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