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Teo Cabanel 
Eau de Parfum 30 ml 


Olfactory portrait 
Indeniably rich, Barkhane starts on generous, mellow notes of bergamot combined with a carefully spiced accord of geranium, caraway and curry. Soft curls rising from a hint of myrrh twirl around voluptuous patchouli from Indonesia and everlasting flowers. Finally, smooth vanilla fragrances, woody cyst and oud, combined with tonka bean and musk create the distinctive dry down accord. 


Scented Moment 
Barkhane takes you on a trip to the Middle East. You advance in the burning desert punctuated by dunes, in search of an oasis and its wadi. Meeting of materials and scents of spices and incense that intermingle in this unique, incredibly calm setting, at the crossroads of civilizations and inspirations. 
My Inspiration 
"At the time Barkhane was created, there was great enthusiasm and, consequently a strong demand for an oud. I was definitely not interested in creating an umpteeth oud…It had to be special. While on a trip in Oman, I fell in love with the charm of that place : amazing landscapes, warm weather, beautiful oases appearing as if by magic from the desert. There, I discovered the barkhanes, these amazing crescent- shaped dunes… My oriental woody perfume was born…", - Caroline Ilacqua. 
For whom? 
A unisex scent for lovers of sweet and slightly spicy perfumes. Created for a male clientele, it also seduces women. 
For when? 
Perfect for all occasions, both summer and winter, Barkhane’s warmth is a sensory experience for both day and evening. 
Top Notes 
Heart Notes 
Geranium, Cumin 
Base Notes 
Cistus, Vetiver, Myrrh, Vanilla, Oud 

BARKHANE 30 ml | Teo Cabanel

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