Musc Encensé

Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Established in 1995 in Greenwich Village, Karl Bradl, and Robert Gerstner’s baroque boudoir has long been a perfume lovers’ paradise.

In 2012, the duo took their passion for the scent to its logical consequence with a full-fledged perfume house. Since then, AEDES DE VENUSTAS – which means “Temple of Beauty” in Latin – has garnered critical acclaim and earned the prestigious Fragrance Foundation Award, becoming one of the most highly-respected fragrance brands of recent years.

The Vision: Contemporary Baroque

Each of the house’s offerings reflects Karl and Robert’s flamboyantly baroque aesthetics while affording top perfumers the freedom to experiment with bold, highly contemporary accords.
With Musc Encensé, AEDES DE VENUSTAS matches the most spiritual of ingredients, the house’s signature incense note, with the most sensual of accords.


A meeting of two myths. The most spiritual scent in perfumery, matched with the most sensual. With this ninth offering, AEDES DE VENUSTAS infuses its signature incense note with a modern take on the long-lost Tonkin musk.


The Muse: Tonkin Musk


Prized for centuries for its suave scent and the lift it gave to other ingredients, animal musk was imported from Central and Eastern Asia along the Silk Road. In Europe, the most valued variety was called Tonkin musk, after the ancient name for North Vietnam.


Since 1979, the musk deer is a protected species and animal musk is no longer used in Western perfumery. But though synthetic musks have been available since the late 19th century, none achieves the depth and complexity of the real thing. For Musc Encensé, Ralf Schwieger draws inspiration from the long-lost ingredient by blending his own rendition of Tonkin musk.


The Scent: Musc Encensé


The name is not just a play on the French encens (incense) and insensé (crazy). Encenser means both to scent with incense and to praise to the skies. And Musc Encensé does exactly what it says on the bottle. Suede-smooth, slightly feral, subtly sexy, Ralf Schwieger’s tribute to Tonkin musk takes on AEDES DE VENUSTAS’ signature incense in a bold blend of the mystic and the animal.


To couple smoke and flesh, the perfumer adds an ambery accord that runs through the fragrance. Clary sage shoots aromatic accents through the top notes. The skin, sand and driftwood facets of cashmeran fuses the cool, mineral scent of incense with the animalic warmth of musk. A lick of tonka clouds the blend with almond-milk creaminess…


A yin-yang balance of extremes, Musc Encensé will feel madly musky one day, insanely incensy the next. And smell divine, anytime.


The Perfumer: Ralf Schwieger

Born in Westphalia (Germany), Ralf Schwieger considered studying medicine or art but finally specialized in fragrance chemistry, which he studied in Berlin. He shifted to the creative side of the industry after training at the Roure (now Givaudan) school of perfumery. He worked twelve years for Givaudan before joining Mane, a private, family-owned business based in Grasse. A keen follower of contemporary architecture and dance, Ralf envisions perfumery as “an expression of primary emotion, albeit in an industrial setting”. A winner of the Fragrance Foundation France’s Prix des Experts in 2012, he is the author of the acclaimed Eau des Merveilles (Hermès, 2004). After Iris Nazarena, Musc Encensé is his second collaboration with AEDES DE VENUSTAS.

Musc Encensé | Aedes de Venustas



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