Essential Parfums Liquid Soap Nice Bergamote The Musc Orange x Santal Divine VanilleAntoine Maisondieu  Natalie Gracia-Cetto Olivier Pescheux Calice Becker Hand Sanitiser 500 ml
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Interior accessories and body washes. KENZO Maison plaid, Casa FENDI plaid, Lalique Bathroom collection, Marc-Antoine Barrois №6 candle, Essential Parfums Shower gels and sanitiser. Buy online at RAFINAD Parfumerie


Interior accessories by FENDI, Kenzo, and Marc-Antoine Barrois. Exceptional quality body washes by Essential Parfums and Lalique.

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Brodo MOKA Wool by FENDI Casa with embossed FENDI metalic label and horse embroidery.. Blue Silk Plaid by FENDI Casa. Orange Wool Plaid by FENDI Casa. Green Brush Wool Plaid by KENZO Maison. Orange Wool Plaid by KENZO Maison. The FENDI Casa collection was founded in 1987 by Alberto Vignatelli. His strong intuition to decorate interiors in the same manner as Fendi dressed a generation of women with clothes and accessories, proved to be the perfect meeting of fashion and design. Today, FENDI Casa offers an elegant and cosmopolitan lifestyle, with a collection that ranges from contemporary to modern to classic. An interior project that anticipates new living concepts, strongly characterized by a refined aesthetic, and an atmosphere born of harmonious fusion between design and fashion. The furniture and accessories express a contemporary lifestyle that is classical yet avant garde, a balance between tradition and innovation.

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