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Eau de Parfum 100 ml 


A tea-infused floral amber perfume. 
Nature, water, blue skies : the soul-cleansing vibe of Nida - an artists' colony and summer retreat. 
To Nida, on the Curonian Spit – between the lagoon and the Baltic Sea. 
Colourful wooden cottages. 
Dunes, water, forest. 
Scents of flowers in the breeze. 
Pine trees, moss, patchouli, amber. 
The carefree rhythm of summer. 
A tea-infused floral amber, in parfum concentration. 
Opening with mandarin, cardamon and incense. 
Heart notes: tea, lilac, jasmine, violet, orris and a sunflower accord. 
And the base is constructed around cedarwood, patchouli, moss, tolu, and a respectful nod to our Baltic location: a radiant amber accord. 
For the creation of the Nida parfum, founder Nick Steward worked with Barcelona-based perfumer Soizic Beaucourt. 

A graduate from the renowned ISIPCA school in France, she's a kindred spirit and avid traveller. 
Says Soizic: "my curiosity to better understand our sense of smell also translates into my attraction for the unknown. I'm always eager to discover new places, explore innovative processes and experiment with unique raw materials. As an insatiable explorer, I like to be on the move" 
Adds Nick: "when I discovered Soizic's style, I was particularly impressed by the elegance, joyfulness and clarity of her compositional hand-writing - it took me back to a golden age of high-quality artisanal perfumery" 
Nida by GALLIVANT is compounded in Barcelona, Spain and then hand-finished in England, in a genuinely artisanal, small-batch, human process. 

NIDA Limited Edition 100 ml | GALLIVANT

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